We offer a range of services for your business. And as part of our project design phase, we help you mitigate environmental and process risk, thereby 'future-proofing' your project development.


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Environmental site investigations

Remediation design and management

Groundwater, surface water and soil

Environmental impact assessments and approvals

Environmental management and compliance

Mine closure and rehabilitation

Construction dewatering


Environmental site investigations

ESG Environmental has completed a large variety of statutory and non-statutory environmental site investigations for small to large organisations on a wide range of sites with various end uses. Our team of engineers and scientists have the experience and solutions to align with your project requirements. At all levels of our investigations we provide expert experience and advice to ensure works are managed and completed safely, sustainably, in accordance with appropriate guidelines, standards and regulations and on time and on budget.

  • Acquisition and divestment due diligence assessments for legal and property transactions
  • Property portfolio management
  • Preliminary (Phase I) and detailed (Phase II) soil and groundwater assessments
  • Statutory assessments for environmental audits of land
  • Asbestos and hazardous materials assessments (Division 5 and Division 6 hazardous building materials assessments)
  • Dust monitoring - environmental and occupational monitoring including asbestos and silica
  • Acid sulfate soil investigations
  • Sampling and analysis plans
  • Landfill gas risk assessments
  • Airborne bacteria and fungal spore assessments for hospitals
  • Assessment of soil gas
  • Hydrogeological site investigations
  • Site sensitivity assessments
  • Site history research
  • Site Contamination Health and Safety Plans
  • Peer review and expert witness services
Excavator on site at an environmental site investigation.
The ESG Environmental team on site at an environmental site investigation.
ESG Environmental team member on site working on remediation design and management.

Remediation design and management

ESG Environmental has experienced remediation specialists with national and international experience in the design, trialling, implementation and management of both insitu and exsitu remedial programs. Our team has remediated sites that have been impacted by hazardous building materials (including asbestos) and contaminated soil, soil vapour, sludge and groundwater. 

Depending on the land use setting and your requirements, the need for active remediation may be avoided if it can be shown through an ecological/human health risk assessment that the risks are acceptable for the impact to remain in place. Alternatively, we can work with you to develop a site specific solution to minimise any required remedial works that safely manage the risk presented by the contamination, within your project’s constraints.

Cost effective, sustainable and risk based solutions are often found by managing contamination issues on-site. Our remediation specialists can provide innovative options to complement your project’s objectives using a variety of technologies and management measures such as, reuse of materials, on-site treatment and containment systems. We have implemented many novel remedial technologies and low cost, low impact techniques to achieve remedial targets. More substantial remedial programs may require a tailored strategy sometimes requiring multiple technologies. With remedial targets and potential limitations in mind, we can work with you to develop an appropriate outcome resulting in significant cost savings and avoidance of ‘over treatment’.

  • Remediation action plans and feasibility studies
  • Remediation strategies and restoration
  • Site validation and monitoring
  • Field support and supervision on-site remediation programs
  • Waste classification for off-site disposal or on-site re-use
  • Waste reduction
  • Underground and above ground hydrocarbon storage tank decommissioning and validation works
  • Clearance of non-friable asbestos in soil
  • Mitigation of soil gas
  • Ecological and human health risk assessments
  • Derivation of site clean up criteria
  • Demolition/closure and deconstruction assessment, planning and implementation
  • Mine closure and rehabilitation plans

Groundwater, surface water and soil

ESG Environmental’s hydrogeologists, geoscientists and geochemists have extensive experience in a wide range of groundwater, surface water and soil studies. Our firm has undertaken numerous investigations from relatively small sites to more complex environments. In most situations, our investigations are conducted in a staged approach, designed to clarify the key environmental risk drivers. Working closely with you we can tailor a successful outcome to your project, without over delivering.

ESG Environmental has established long term relationships with expert primary contractors and service providers allowing us to achieve greater efficiency and cost benefits for your organisation’s projects.

State-of-the-art equipment used in our investigations are largely company owned and are regularly calibrated, serviced and updated (as needed) by our senior technician. Our equipment includes water quality meters, hand-held x-ray fluorescence analyser (XRF), photoionisation detectors, landfill gas monitors, flow meters, soil vapour probes and associated in-situ testing equipment, interface probes and water level meters, below ground cable/pipeline.

The XRF analyser is a specialist field tool used to assess the elemental composition of materials in real time. This provides many benefits during assessments (provision of instant indications of site impact) and remedial programs (avoids many iterations of the remediation-validation cycle). ESG Environmental also have other specialist equipment utilised for remedial monitoring.  As part of our innovative approach we can design, fabricate and install specialist investigative and remedial equipment as required.

  • Design and supervision of drilling programs
  • Bulk civil earthworks soil management
  • Water quality assessment & monitoring
  • Acid sulfate and saline soil assessments and management
  • Contaminant and seepage modelling
  • Hydrogeological modelling and fate and transport studies
  •  2D and 3D modelling
  • Groundwater management plans
  • Water supply and dewatering assessments
ESG Environmental team at a groundwater, surface water and soil job.
Pre-dewatering showing installation of spear system.
Post dewatering
Dewatering process.

Construction dewatering

We provide tailored practical dewatering solutions for your site, no matter the size, from car-stacker pit dewatering, to full scale bulk groundwater management for multi-level basements.  We can provide an effective solution to ensure that your project remains on-time and on-budget.

Water discharge and management

Discharge of excavation water must be managed in accordance with the regulations of the relevant Water Authority for your site. ESG Environmental can undertake the appropriate water testing to determine the suitability of excavation water for discharge to either stormwater or sewer.  

We advise on the most cost effective way to manage the discharge of water and if required will negotiate a Trade Waste Agreement on your behalf.

If a Trade Waste Agreement is required, we will provide and install the required apparatus to fulfill Trade Waste requirements (i.e. settling tanks, electromagnetic flow meter). 

Tailored practical dewatering solutions

ESG Environmental has extensive experience working within the Melbourne area and is familiar with the complexities and potential issues which arise during construction dewatering.  Our knowledge and experience will allow you to manage your dewatering as effectively as possible. 

We offer the following dewatering services:

  •  Pre-construction groundwater investigation 
  •  Groundwater modelling 
  • Well point/spear sytem dewatering 
  • Multi-stage well point dewatering
  • Deep well dewatering systems
  • Sump dewatering
  • On-site installation and system management in a safe and timely manner
  • Trade waste agreement negotiation with the  relevant water authority
  • Water testing and screening for suitable disposal options
  • On-hand advice for the duration of the project
Construction dewatering logo

Environmental management and compliance

Management of our client’s risk is one of our key objectives. The development of tailored environmental management documentation which facilitate clear, achievable and measurable objectives to ensure compliance of our clients’ projects with relevant regulatory and internal guidance.

  • Construction environmental management plans
  • Operational environmental management systems
  • Environmental management software design and supply
  • Environmental management plans/systems and monitoring
  • Environmental compliance and performance reporting
  • Strategic environmental assessment
Environmental management and compliance job.
Road with wind turbines. Environmental impact assessments and approvals.

Environmental impact assessments and approvals

ESG Environmental offer an extensive range of environmental impact assessment capabilities to your organisation for sustainable pragmatic and practical solutions at all stages of the project life cycle.  This allows sustainable development principles to guide the concept development, saving time and cost in the latter stages of your project, especially during the environmental approvals processes.  We assist you in mitigating environmental and process risk during project design thus “future-proofing” the project development.  Accordingly, we offer a range of services at each project stage allowing us to partner effectively with you to fully understand and appreciate the complexity of each project.

Our team can assist your organisation to respond to regulatory hurdles, secure the appropriate consents and approvals and achieve and demonstrate environmental compliance. has significant expertise in determining approval requirements and performing assessments relevant legislation.  This includes the preparation of strategic assessments to evaluate a range of preferred options at the pre-feasibility stage.  Additionally, we are able to leverage off an expert panel of specialist service providers who have local experience and knowledge to ensure the project maintains a local relevance. 

  • Environmental and social impact assessments
  • Operational works approvals, referrals and other regulatory plans
  • Federal and State planning, approvals and referral documentation preparation
  • Coordination and management of specialist study programs
  • Environmental siting and licensing
  • Stakeholder management