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Mine closure services in Australia


Who are we and what do we do?

We are an integrated team from ESG Environmental, Naturally Spatial and Global Mine Rehabilitation. With decades of practical experience and advanced technical expertise in mine closure in Australia and internationally, we have a suite of skills that allows us to provide a fully integrated mine closure service - from feasibility planning to relinquishment.

We assess disturbed sites such as mined lands or landfills, providing geomorphically based rehabilitation plans based on practical plans targeted at the final land use. We design the final landform with the aim of restoring natural functionality, minimising rehabilitation time, and related costs.  



Why choose us?

With many years of combined experience, we know the pitfalls and 'gaps' that often arise in mine closure design, planning and implementation. This allows us to carefully cover all of these aspects with our clients and their operational teams.

Combining SMART mine closure plans and integrated landform mine closure modelling using advanced GIS and custom modelling software (Natural Regrade), based on the GeoFluv™ method, our solutions are proven, award winning, comprehensive, legally compliant, and will reduce closure costs and maintenance timeframes.

We appreciate the dynamic and unpredictable nature of mining and develop closure plans that are suitable to implement under a full range of operational conditions.

We give confidence to senior management and EXCO because our mine closure solutions are transparent and credible, and will underpin the ‘social license’ of a company to operate.

Why choose us for your mine closure services?


Mine closure services

Our integrated team can provide applied solutions in the following areas for your project. Click on each to find out more.

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Mine closure concept planning and strategic review


Mine closure concept planning and strategic review

Getting things right in the planning stage of the closure process ensures that disturbed mine sites can be effectively managed over the long term. Our comprehensive conceptual designs provide initial costing, material estimates and landform visualisations that are in harmony with pre-mining and surrounding undisturbed landforms. We ensure that they also satisfy all regulated safety and performance requirements.

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Documentation and regulatory submissions

From initial conceptual designs to the presentation of documentation and submissions to internal and external stakeholders and relevant authorities, we take care of the reports and paperwork. This includes:

  • Environmental management plans
    Review and update operational environmental management plans to include actions and outcomes from closure actions
  • Design input and source data descriptions
    Comprehensive descriptions of all input and source data used to generate both conceptual and later iterative and final designs, including empirical field data, topographical data and related environmental information
  • Costing estimations
    Material volumes and earth movement (haulage) estimations forming the basis of costings before the commencement of construction

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Mine closure documentation and regulatory submissions.
Mine closure stakeholder consultation.


Stakeholder consultation 

To ensure all stakeholders are satisfied with the outcome, we place great importance on communicating and listening with all affected parties from the earliest stages of the project and will coordinate and include feedback into closure processes and documentation.

During the construction of the final GeoFluv™ landforms, we provide training for and utilise internal stakeholders (such as equipment operators) to ensure accuracy.

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Modelling and landform – design and construction

The first step in the design and construction phase is to undertake a site assessment of the mine topography, climate, hydrographic and geomorphic characteristics, and of the contaminated soils and groundwater, as well as developing remediation strategies. This data is then entered into our proprietary software GeoFluv™ to develop a landform design that offers:

  • Stability against erosion
  • Plant and animal diversity
  • Low construction and maintenance costs

During the construction phase, we work only with experienced and trusted operators, ensuring a high standard of work is maintained. On-site management of earthworks contractors is achieved using GeoFluv model specifications.

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Mine closure services - modelling and landform: design and construction.
Mine closure services - Compliance reporting, management and improvement.


Compliance reporting, management and improvement

A constructed GeoFluv design is intended to have no ongoing structural maintenance. After making a baseline assessment of environmental conditions, we track the rehabilitation process by monitoring the following areas:

  • Groundwater quality
  • Surface water quality
  • Air quality
  • Vegetation

We use our proprietary software to capture, analyse and present this data, allowing you to easily track rehabilitation and compliance requirements and make continual improvements to the closure planning strategy.

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